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PasParTou offers an array of modern and vintage imports ranging from bed linens to tableware, furniture and jewelry. Each unique item is handpicked by owner and Brooklyn resident, Gosia Rojek as she draws inspiration from Polish, French and Scandinavian cultures. Elements derived from a European sensibility mixed with home-grown goods such as textiles by local Brooklyn artisans, bring a sense of casual refinement to the Cobble Hill shop.

Drawing from time spent in Shelter Island and a seafaring way of life, PasParTou is the tangible reflection of the owner’s ties to sailing, featuring maritime themes and nautical touches that work equally well in relaxed island or more formal city settings.

Aside from its unwavering commitment to a refined yet rustic aesthetic, PasParTou is devoted to its belief in sustainable design that respects and values the noteworthy attributes of the small communities which are its influences. Whether it be Mediterranean derived earth-tone basics or whimsical offerings representative of casual island living, the shop owner ensures the places that inspire her are represented among the goods found within the raw, yet warm space. With a unique focus on its own line of products based on the idea of up-cycling - or re-using vintage and used elements in combination with new ones to create original pieces - PasParTou also accurately reflects the mindset and influence of the Brooklyn community among which its newest location calls home.