Bag - Chica Rosa Wristlet Silver
Bag - Chica Rosa Wristlet Silver  Bags - PasParTou
$ 48.00

Bag - Chica Rosa Wristlet Silver

You can carry the Chica Rosa for a quick trip to the store and people will always stop and ask about it. It has a distinctive 'chainmail' appearance that draws compliments and breaks the ice wherever you go. The bag looks like it would be heavy but it's surprisingly lightweight and supple. It comes fully lined with a fabric liner and a zipper top closure and it's big enough to carry most smart phones plus a few other essentials.  

Size: 8” L x 4”H x 1” D

  • Intricately hand crocheted from post-consumer recycled pull tabs by skilled artisan collectives. Each piece comes with a hang-tag signed by the artist.
  • Supple, lightweight and flexible. The metallic tabs are polished shiny and smooth with no sharp edges.
  • Beautifully finished with zipper closure and lined with matching color fabric.