Summer's Must Have, Rope Bracelets

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Rope Bracelets

As a child, Spring would usher in the start of warm days and summer vacations, days spent at the beach, and a visit to the local shop selling Sailors Knot Rope Bracelets. These bracelets were made from white cotton cord in a Turks head knot, they would slip on  easily and then shrink to our wrist when submerged in the Ocean. By the end of Summer, the bracelet would be somewhat the worse for wear, discolored, tattered and ready to be cut-off. As a seeming end to Summer fun and memories.


The history behind these simple rope bracelets is one rich in tales of seafaring and lost loves. Sailors originally would knot together the ends of ropes left over from Ship's riggings. The rope bracelets served the purpose of wiping sweat from their brows as they worked in the hot sun. Additionally the bracelets were a sign of a sailor's knotting acumen and creativity. Knotted bracelets served as a good luck charm keeping the sailor safe when out on the open seas. Sailors would also create bracelets for their sweethearts at home, leaving behind a memento and promise of safe return.

Today Nautical Lines are far from the original cotton, hemp and  twine roping once used. Sail lines come in an array of colors and patterns, vivid, bright and durable. Nylon, polyester, cotton and Kevlar are some of the materials used to make nautical lines. These ropes are used in abundance to rig a sailboat, and during Regattas, the discarding of excess rope is marked by the colorful piles of line left on the docks as the boats sail away.

Realizing the potential of these discarded lines while at one of many Regattas, Gosia Rojek determined to re-purpose and re-use the sail ropes in an innovative and creative way. At her first shop, Shelter Ego, she created simple bracelets from thick lines and ended them in a unique magnetic catch. These bracelets caught on like wild fire, soon becoming a favorite of both men and women, kids, tourists and locals.  She created a line of bracelets that she continued to sell in her Brooklyn, Pas Par Tou shop as well.

Opening the Greenport, Pas Par Tou, provided an additional outlet for these coveted and trendy bracelets. Realizing that the market was growing and increasing in popularity. Pas Par Tou's staff quickly expanded the line of rope bracelets, utilizing different clasps, materials and techniques to create a unique line of Unisex bracelets that have become a staple of the shops Designer Jewelry Line. The Ropes still come primarily from up-cycling, but unique roping has been added that Gosia discovers on her frequent shopping trips abroad, making many of the designs one of a kind.

During the busy Summer season, customers will wait outside the shop for it to open, eagerly looking to order a custom bracelet which can be made while you wait at the Greenport Shop. Whole families will order matching bracelets as mementos of Summer vacation, and others will order multiples to bring back as gifts to friends, family and employees.

The 2017' season will bring an entirely New Line of Bracelets to Pas Par Tou in Greenport. This year we will be introducing personalized pieces, adding metal dog tags and charms onto the sail line that can be inscribed with names, dates, places or personal sentiments. We will be expanding a line of NoFo and Greenport stamped jewelry items, making your trip to the Historic Harbor Town of Greenport and especially to Pas Par Tou, one to remember.

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