Who Loves Linen? We Do....

Who Loves Linen? We Do....

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If you have shopped at Pas Par Tou, or www.pas-par-tou.com, you are familiar with the beautiful line of soft washed linens that we carry. Our linen collection is available in our shop in Greenport and on our Newly Updated Website. Our linens are sourced from a small family run factory in Poland. All of the linen used has been washed several times before printing, cutting and sewing. The factory employs a local artist who creates the beautiful prints of herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, wildlife and elements of nature. The prints are vibrant and charming, making for a perfect hostess gift or gorgeous addition to your dining and kitchen areas.

Our linen line includes: Teatowels, Pillows, Table Linens, Bed Linens, Aprons, Mitts and Clothing. The reason behind our love for linen is the tactile quality and luxury that linen embodies. As we all know, linen feels cool to the touch and has a very smooth finish. Linen "breathes" as a natural fiber, making it ideal for a myriad of uses. The more linen is washed the softer and more absorbent it becomes. That is why we encourage machine washing of many of our items as opposed to dry cleaning.

Poppies - One of Our Most Popular Prints

The natural colors of linen range from ivory, cream, taupe to gray and have a soft shiny lustre. Very white linen is achieved through extensive bleaching. Linen as a fabric is durable and strong, being even stronger when wet. Because linen is a natural fiber made from flax, it is easy to care for, resists dirt and stains, does not pill and can be cleaned by many methods. When washing we recommend that tumble drying is limited, linen is far easier to snap out wrinkles and iron when it is damp. On the other hand, many of our linen items are designed with the wrinkling nature of the fabric as part of the "charm" of the item.

On some of our linen products you may notice small "slubs" or knots in the weave. These are natural imperfections that are created during the weaving process and add to the nature of the fabric. We love linen at Pas Par Tou, our Signature Collection has become an integral part of the Pas Par Tou aesthetic. Each season we strive to introduce new items to our linen collection. Gosia travels to Poland to work with the factory owner, they brainstorm to create new products and introduce beautiful new items to the line. This past season, we introduced a Tunic Apron, created from a Vintage Style with modern attributes. The Apron has met with great success, is available in many colors and actually looks great on. Stock does not last long, drop on in to our shop and see for yourself!


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